What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO term refers to the optimization of your blog or website on any particular search engine like google, yahoo, Bing etc. Basically, it’s the thing which can make your blog at the top from the bottom if does properly and also can make it from top to bottom if does improperly.

For a better understanding of SEO, there is a librarian who just not manages one single library books but the books of the whole world. Now if you want a book, you will provide him a TITLE/WORDS/TOPICS so that he will get you the best of the collections you want. At the top, you will get the best results of title/words/topics you provided.

So what’s the conclusion of this?? Here Librarian is a search engine, title/words/topics are your searches and the books you are getting is a website or a blog with the best content for your searches. And how the librarian searches the content is basically the Algorithm he uses to set a basic requirement to find a genuine book.

On the contrary, I can only say that SEO is a must-win game for a blog or website to be on the top of searchers list.


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