How to Start a Blog- Step by Step Guide

Blogging can be your one of the best way to put your opinion, spread your knowledge, stay connected with peoples and for business too.In this post we will discuss about how to start a blog with quite simple and easy steps..

Step1 :- Decide your Niche

This is the first and the most important step before starting a blog. If you are planning to start a blog, you must clear your thoughts like on which topic you are going to start, what you are going to share and how can you make yourself to put your opinions. So before starting first decide your Niche.

Click to know more on how to go for your best niche.

Step2 :- Choose your Platform/Hosting Provider

Now, After when you decided your niche, question arises like which platform you should use for your blog? Is it better for your blog? Is it cheap? I can clear out this question, if you ask for my opinions I would prefer Godaddy or BlueHost as these are the best and the cheapest platform available in the market.

Step3 :- Choose your domain name

In case, if you don’t know what is domain name, it is the basically the destination of your blog which you should choose after deciding your platform. Choose it wisely.

Step4 :- Install WordPress

After the completion of all the above three steps you already registered your blog online. Now, another question arise like where you are going to write? WordPress, it is the most popular platform for maintaining the blog. After the registration, your hosting provider will provide you a option to install wordpress, just simply install it.

If you completed all steps, you are ready to launch your views on internet and can simply grow your business online.

Here is the Video format of what you read

If you have any query like which step you don’t understand or there is anything I should add, leave a comment or contact us on any  social media platorms.


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