Multiple Niche or Single Niche Blog- Which would be better?

As a new blogger, you may come through many questions regarding your blog niche. If you don’t have appropriate knowledge of blogging then this question may create a great confusion in your mind. So, before moving further first understand ‘What is Niche?’.

What is Niche?

If you are covering up blogging before then you probably listen to this word already. Generally, in professional blogging bloggers use the word topic of their blog as niche. So, let’s not confuse between Niche or Topic. They both are same.

Two Points for you to decide, Whether to choose Multi Niche blog or Single Niche Blog.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the major factor for your blog performance or blog rank in any particular Search Engine. Now, as search engines like Google update their algo frequently, for better optimization Single Niche blogs are always gets a better result rather than the Multiple Niche blog. It is because when someone searches anything on the search engine. It gets to look over million of blogs and for the better match, it prefers a blog with the single niche as it suggests that the particular blog has better knowledge on that topic. Now, if it looks over a blog with different topics then there may be a chance that we do not get the desired answer we want. So, for better blog rank on search engines, go for a single niche.
  • Now, the main reason for starting a blog is earning money. You want to know that What if you choose multiple niche blog, Is it get you more and easy money, so for all those questions there is only one answer i.e, NO. As you know there are two main ways of earning money through a blog which is Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Google Adsense is strict through its terms and policy, it usually doesn’t allow the multi-topic blog as they don’t provide the sense of uniqueness or quality content. You will also lack the offer for affiliate marketing as again the advertiser does not feel the sense of better place for their product to promote.


So, At the end, I will conclude that the Single Niche blogs have better preferences than any Multiple Niche blog. Also, I have to say that it doesn’t true that you can’t get success through Multi Niche blog but It will take more and more effort and time for you to put the blog at the same level of a Single Niche blog.

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