Blogger Recognition Award

Before Starting to get you through about this section, I would like to thank Anant Shahi from blog evolving perceptions for nominating me for such a prestigious award. His blog basically shares positivity and you must check it at least once and it’s my guarantee you will not regret after reaching out his blog. Now, Let’s start the main part of this blog.

Blogger recognition award

So, What this award really is? This award usually motivates new bloggers and their unique ideas and make them realize that they are doing good work and they should continue blogging. Apart from this, It can also be used to get some good quality backlinks which can increase blog rating.

How does this work?

  • You must thank the person who nominated you by providing his blog/website link.
  • Write a blog post to tell about this award and also by explaining it’s working.
  • Tell about your journey/experiences.
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to newbies.
  • Select 10 bloggers to pass this award and make them know that they are selected.

Now, Let’s come to my blog.

How did this blog start?

Well, there is not a fixed reason for my thoughts to start a blog. Actually, I have a very different personality, people around me generally don’t understand my perspectives. That’s why I decided to start a blog and make my opinions to reach others and this blog comes into existence.

Pieces of Advice to Newbies.

Basically, I am also a newbie. So, I just want to tell my fellow mates that blogging may not be easy, problems can come into your path but till now how much I learned is that you have to stick to your goal and make it more efficient.

Now, it’s my turn to nominate 10 more bloggers. So, here is my list down below.

So, guys, It’s your time to forward this award.





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